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  • Tennis and Body Fat Percentage

    09 juin 2018

    This is a guest post from our friends at Enjoy The Enjoyment.com. For years we've been conditioned that we should have a target weight based on our height and gender, but let's think about that concept. How many of you know a 'skinny Jane' who waves with...

  • Tennis is my favorite now!

    14 février 2018

    Thanks to Roger Federer, I've been interested in playing tennis again. The last time I played tennis is 12 years ago! I was so young and stubborn back then. I did not really enjoy playing it. Tennis hurt my arms! Now, I made it to my bad techniques and...

  • When Are You Most Fertile?

    08 décembre 2015 ( #family, #pregnancy, #home, #mommy, #parents )

    If you’re trying to get pregnant the first question you might be asking is when are you most fertile. Females have unique biological features which makes them fertile during certain periods and infertile in some others. This means that there are certain...

  • Best Way to Get Pregnant

    07 décembre 2015 ( #pregnancy, #pregnant, #family )

    So, my wife and I are planning to have a family. After looking for some guides and read books about pregnancy, I find out that being pregnant is not that easy as it seems. That's why my wife and I created some guides for the community. Hope it help couples...

  • How To Increase Fertility? (TIPS INSIDE)

    08 décembre 2015

    ​​ Many women around the world find that they have one large problem that is stopping them from conceiving: infertility. Infertility is not a terminal illness, but it is one that will need to be dealt with in order to be able to conceive. If you are looking...