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Tennis is my favorite now!

par Luke Morgan

Tennis is my favorite now!

Thanks to Roger Federer, I've been interested in playing tennis again. The last time I played tennis is 12 years ago! I was so young and stubborn back then. I did not really enjoy playing it. Tennis hurt my arms!

Now, I made it to my bad techniques and wrong choice of rackets. Now, I am much older and mature, I suddenly fell in love with tennis. The first to do is to find a racket that is suitable for a beginner like me. Here is one of the guides that I read while hunting for a new racket: https://swingitbig.com/tennis/10-best-racquets-for-beginners/ 


Since I am almost a beginner again and a certified cheapskate, I chose the Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racket mainly for its price and playability. It has a big head that I can easily control and hit the ball with ease.

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Your racket choice is awesome, I think you have to try something else know, eg pure drive