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When Are You Most Fertile?

par Luke Morgan

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When Are You Most Fertile?

If you’re trying to get pregnant the first question you might be asking is when are you most fertile. Females have unique biological features which makes them fertile during certain periods and infertile in some others.

This means that there are certain times of the month that you cannot conceive even if you have sexual intercourse. The fertile duration varies depending on various reasons, some of which are natural while others are artificial. The fertile time of the month is also short, lasting about five days in a month.

Hence women who would like to successfully conceive need to clearly understand their fertile days so that they can attempt to get pregnant. Menstrual cyclesAmongst the time that women are highly fertile include when their eggs are mature and ready to be fertilized. This period usually occurs between twelve and sixteen days after the egg has been produced.

These days are countable by understanding the menstrual rhythm and sequence of the woman’s cycle. In normal situations, the menstrual cycle takes an average of twenty eight days. This period is characterized by the body producing an egg and then shedding it away in the form of a menstrual period after twenty eight days (if it is not fertilized).After the egg is produced, it takes about seven days to mature and achieve the status into which it can be fertilized. Thus the first seven days of the menstrual cycle are the most infertile in a woman. After the seven days, the egg matures even more, and by the twelfth to sixteenth days it becomes fully developed and all the conditions for fertilization become conducive.

However if it gets to about the sixteenth day without the egg being fertilized, then the fertilization conditions start deteriorating, thus making fertilization hard. By the twenty eighth day the egg is shed and a new egg starts to form, thus creating another cycle. So basically the most fertile period is approximately between days twelve and sixteen during the menstrual cycle. It is important to engage in intercourse regularly during this time to ensure the best chance of conceiving. Women are also deemed to be fertile when the body temperatures rises drastically.

The temperature changes are an indication that ovulation is imminent and hence the woman can conceive if they engage in intercourse. These temperature rises are triggered by the production of the luteinizing hormone which maintains the high temperatures unless embryo implant occurs. So as to determine the fertile days, the woman should take her temperatures every morning at the same time.

There are many fertility monitors on the market that can help you take your temperature and establish when exactly you are ovulating and answer the question when are you most fertile. A woman is also very fertile when the cervical mucus is abundant, clear and stretchy. The mucus is usually dry and creamy during the other days of the menstrual cycle. But upon approaching the middle of the cycle, the mucus increases and changes color to become a clear substance.

The mucus is usually produced in abundance when the egg is ready to be fertilized, hence ensuring that the sperm from the man will be in conducive environment so that they can last for some time to ensure that the egg is fertilized. Probably the easiest method to establish when you are most fertile is to invest in a fertility monitor (these can be found at Amazon.com). Some of these use saliva based testing, vaginal sensors, and can monitor your temperature and even detect the LH surge which predicts when you will ovulate.

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